Being Weird, Being Rude, Staying Alive in Indianapolis

True Life: I’m Obsessed with True Crime Podcasts

Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University

When Crime Junkie came out with their live show tour schedule, I knew I couldn’t miss it. Their shows were limited and they were not making an appearance in Missouri, but that didn’t stop my friend and I from buying tickets to their Indianapolis show and embarking on a short, entertaining trip.

The show didn’t start until the evening, so we spent the morning and afternoon exploring downtown Indianapolis. First, we got our history fix and went to the Eiteljorg Museum. There was a small room showcasing Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art and alters during the month of October. The alters were colorful and filled with different offerings such as food, tequila, pictures and sugar skulls. It was the perfect start to a spooky filled day. We also checked out the museum’s other exhibits showcasing Native American and American West artwork.

We used Lime scooters to quickly scout other parts of Indianapolis such as White River State Park and the Wholesale District. I would usually recommend Lime scooters as a quick and cheap way to get from place to place, but be warned. When we were riding through White River State Park and got off to take some pictures, the Lime app notified us that we could be fined for ending our ride there. Turns out there are many places in downtown Indianapolis (shown on the map in red) that you aren’t supposed to use or park Lime scooters. It was a headache to find a place to park our Lime scooters that wasn’t in a restricted area. We did not receive any fines, but it may be easier walking around downtown than risking a potential fine.

Wholesale District

Then it was show time! If you are a fan of Crime Junkie, you need to witness one of their live shows. Ashley and Brit made their show engaging and interactive by utilizing pictures, videos, and audio of the case they were talking about. The case they told was one I had never heard of and gave me full body chills multiple times. Since Indianapolis is where they started out, Ashley and Brit ended the show with a sneak peak of a video that no other show would have the opportunity to see. The show was amazing and the special preview of their future work made the experience even better.

Crime Junkie at Butler University

Our AirBnB was located in Broad Ripple, which was fairly close to Butler University where the show was being held. Being in a college town, we were walking distance from a strip filled with all sorts of bars and restaurants. After the show, we went to the Brick House Dueling Piano Bar. I have never been to a piano bar and this one blew my mind. The piano players were amazing and energetic. They played everything from Britney Spears to Journey to the Star Spangled Banner to Baby Got Back. Safe to say that Baby Got Back played on the piano was a sight to behold. After hours of drinking and listening to a range of genres played on the piano, we ended our night at Kilroy’s.

While we may not have seen everything Indianapolis had to offer, the college town vibe and night life of Broad Ripple was entertaining enough for a short trip. That was my first night in a while where I was out having fun past 2am. Next time I’m in Indianapolis, I would like to spend more time exploring downtown and experiencing downtown Indy’s night life. I’ve been told there is a bar called Patron Saint located in the basement of a Mexican restaurant with a ouija board on the ceiling and I have made it my goal to visit this bar at some point in my life.

White River State Park

Until the next adventure ✈️

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