The Allen’s Take on Coast Guard Week in Grand Haven, Michigan

Squeezing eleven people into one house is no small feat

The first thing I noticed about Michigan was how pleasant the weather was. I was in Grand Haven in late July through early August and the air was never turned on in the house my family and I were staying in. The windows were left open throughout the day which was able to keep all of us in the house (eleven people at one point) comfortable. Some mornings were cooler than others and I would need to put on a sweatshirt until it was warm enough to lay out on the beach. Being from Missouri where humidity is the norm, the cooler weather in Michigan was a nice change.

Not much sightseeing was had on this trip, but I was able to relax before my job started back up with the new school year. Many days were spent at the beach which was just a few steps away from the house. Now Lake Michigan Beach is not like other beaches and here’s why:

⁃ The weather is so nice and there’s usually a breeze which makes it hard to notice if you’re getting a sun burn until it’s too late. Either bring a hat, an umbrella to set up later for coverage, or continuously reapply sunscreen! My family and I would stay at the beach for hours at a time and I did not always reapply sunscreen (whoops).

⁃ The water is cold. Like, really cold. Like so cold my cousin swam out to a buoy, took breaks during his swim and by the time he swam back to shore he was out of breath and physically drained. If you’re fine with cold water then this probably won’t bother you. Since I despise the cold I spent most of my time laying out on the beach.

Coast Guard Week was taking place when we stayed in Grand Haven. Different events were happening throughout the area and a huge carnival was

set up. It was fun to walk around, people watch and take part in the events. There was a band of clowns that played outside of a bar (I’m not joking and I wish I was) that attracted quite a few people. You could even take a tour of a U. S. Coast Guard ship.

My favorite part of the trip had to be bar hopping around Grand Haven with my cousin and checking out the night life. The bars and restaurants we went in to served drinks and food items that were unique and delicious. At one bar, a Coast Guardsman named Jillian walked up to the bar on a mission, roller skates slung over her shoulder, and asked the bartender for a shot of vodka. After ordering her shot, Jillian glanced at us and asked if we wanted one as well. I graciously accepted and she sprung up conversation with us about being in the Coast Guard and where she was from. After that my cousin and I went to a few more places before calling it a night.

Visiting Grand Haven was the recharge I was craving. Spending time laying out at the beach and walking around the town was a relaxing end to the summer. I was not able to see the sand dunes or Mackinac Island, however, so I think another trip to Michigan will be necessary in the future.

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