Grapes and Ghosts in KC

A haunted winery? Sold.

Fun fact: I’m obsessed with anything paranormal and true crime. I love visiting haunted areas and going on spooky tours. I’ve also recently been introduced to paranormal and true crime podcasts. One in particular, called And That’s Why Drink, had an episode that discussed the history and hauntings at the Belvior Winery and Inn in Kansas City. I had listened to this episode as I was planning a trip to visit a friend in Kansas City. I told my friends about the winery and everyone was intrigued and wanted to check it out some time during our trip.

The Belvior Winery and Inn happened to be my favorite part of the weekend (not surprising really). My friends and I got to try some amazing wine and explore the area. There were many rooms in the winery to explore and there were many buildings on the property that were run down and no longer in use.

We could not go inside those buildings, but that didn’t stop us from exploring around the buildings, peeking our heads in, and attempting to catch some paranormal activity. We even found a ouija board and tried using it to conjure some spirits (no spooky things happened unfortunately).

Now I haven’t been to many wineries, but it’s safe to say that this is the only winery I have been to with a skeleton on display.

I would highly recommend listening to the And That’s Why We Drink podcast episode titled And That’s Why We Drink Wine (& Crime)! The Crossover Episode to hear about the history of the winery and the paranormal sightings reported by guests and workers. Also, the Belvior Winery and Inn has a paranormal investigation team come in on Fridays year round where the public can purchase tickets to learn more about the history of the winery and follow the team as they do a night time investigation of the property. I may need to make another trip to KC and experience an actual paranormal investigation (and hit up some more BBQ joints while I’m at it)!

Let me know what spooky destinations I should go to next!